Tips and tricks from KMT

My regular followers will know by now that I regularly write content for a site called KidsMoralTales. Their primary focus is creating FREE content to get kids reading and writing. Aside from the children’s stories I’ve published on the site, I also frequently write articles aimed at new writers. They cover everything from the planning process to publishing and tips from master storytellers.

If you’re a writer and think you can come up with engaging short children’s stories, then check out the site as they are always open for submissions.

You can read my articles via the links below, and I’m always adding more, so be sure to check back regularly:

Six steps to write an amazing short story

Are you trying to write short stories, but are finding it a bit difficult and overwhelming? The steps mentioned here should help you write the story you want to share with the world.

Plotting vs. Pantsing: which is better?

Are you someone who plans out every detail of your story before you start writing? Or are you like me and just wing it? Which is the better approach to writing? Find out in this short article.

How (and where) to get your short story published

So you’ve read ‘Six steps to write an amazing short story’ and now you’re ready to share your work with the world. But you’re still not sure how to go about it? In this article, I’ll explain how to find the right place for your writing and how to get your piece accepted. There’s even a few handy links at the end. Happy writing.

Storytelling tips from the masters

These tips from global storytelling giants are sure to improve the writing of new and established writers alike.

Written by Stacey Potter

Featured image by hannah grace

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  1. Amazing. Thank you.
    Keep it up! 😀


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