“Stacey was wonderful to work with. She was polite, conscientious, followed the brief and produced great written work. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any other buyer and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

– Kelly Wade (K.M.Wade marketing)

I’m Stacey Potter, a self-published author, content creator and copywriter with a passion for storytelling.

Storytelling is an ancient art form that connects us all. We all love a good story, from a grandmother reading bedtime stories to the gaggle of gossiping girls and the blockbuster movies that make millions.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my writing career, the best stories are the ones that make us feel something. Throughout my marketing career, it quickly became clear to me that the same thing is true of marketing content. Stories sell.

That connection. Just the right string of words creates that emotional pull. That is what turns a passive observer into an engaged customer, and that is what I specialise in.

A Little more about me

I was born and raised in a small town in Yorkshire, England. As the only child of a single mother, I spent much of my time alone with my books. From an early age, I could often be found scribbling stories in one of my many notepads, but life has a way of taking over. After a challenging but still extremely rewarding career as a disability support worker, I felt, as many people do, like I was treading water. It was only after moving to Australia, meeting my husband, and having kids of my own that I rediscovered my love of storytelling.

Since then, my collection of notepads has continued to grow, and so has my skillset. My short stories have won several competitions and can be found on many sites across the web, along with my commissioned articles. My writing career grew beyond expectations as it quickly expanded to include copywriting services. Within just a few short months of adding copywriting to my services, I was a senior copywriter for Overselling Marketing Mgmt and ran my own successful Digital Marketing Consultant business.

After a whirlwind of success, I decided to scale back my business and focus on what I love; telling stories.

I am available for hire for both one-off custom projects or as a freelance contractor. Alternatively, you can benefit from professional copywriting for your business in as little as seven days by purchasing one of my instant services packages. Details of the services I offer and my instant service packages’ can be found below.

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